3 Great Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning your carpet is a very important thing to do in order to maintain the cleanliness and good appearance of your house. Also, cleaning your carpet is essential to maintain the good health of your family. Having dirt and stains in your carpet can cause you and your family members to develop respiratory problems. In order to avoid diseases, you must be aware of the proper ways to clean your carpet. Hiring a reputable company is a great way t0 achieve cleanliness without any hassle. I found this carpet cleaning company  in Memphis that left my carpet spotless. However, with the right knowledge you can tackle any stain in three steps. Below is the list of the three different ways to clean your carpet.

1. Clean your carpet through vacuuming.

In order to vacuum your carpet, you must first do several steps. First, you need to prepare the room or part of the house that is needed to be vacuumed. Pick up the papers, toys and object that can hinder the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. Second, make sure to use a nozzle attachment in the vacuum cleaner in order to clean the hard to reach areas in the room. The baseboards and edges of the carpet often collect dirt and dust that is hazardous for your health. Third, vacuum the room both vertically and horizontally. Vacuum the room forward and back then repeat the process by going from left to right. It helps to choose a vacuum cleaner that fits your household needs. If you are looking to purchase one a great place to start is by looking at reviews at Good Housekeeping. Also, cleaning the carpet through different directions will ensure you that the carpet will be fully cleaned. Lastly, remember to vacuum the carpet at least once a week so that the dirt and dust will not be stuck in the carpet for so long.

2. Clean your carpet through spot cleaning.

You need to prepare a clean white cloth for you to perform the spot cleaning method. It is important to use rags that are only white in color because the use of rags with different colors may leave colors to your carpet. You can also use a paper towel that doesn’t have colorful patterns. Second, pretest the cleaning product that you have. You need to be careful in following the instructions indicated in the bottle. Some cleaning products are not appropriate for some carpets. So you need to try the cleaning product first in a small area of the carpet. Check out the best products for spot removers here. After that you can now dab the dirty area of your carpet. Make sure to rinse the carpet with a clean cloth and fresh water after the cleaning process.

3. Clean your carpet through steam cleaning.

First, prepare the room, carpet and the steam cleaner that you are going to use. Then, know the direction of your cleaning process in such a way that you will be able to go out of the room after the steaming process. Do not steam yourself in the room. Begin cleaning in the farthest area from the door. Also, the steam cleaning products that you will use must be appropriate to the carpet that you will be cleaning. Remember as well to remove your shoes while cleaning the room in order to make the cleaning process effective. Moreover, make sure that you allow the extractor to pull up the highest amount of water it can so that production of mildew and mold will be avoided. Lastly, remember to fully dry the carpet and do the cleaning process at least once a week. To see the many benefits of steam cleaning check out this video.


Indeed, the three different ways to clean your carpet are very helpful in making your house presentable and free from from dust and dirt.  So try now the three different ways to clean your carpet and be amazed by the benefits that you will get from these methods.


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