Its Prom Season in Memphis

High school is one of the most wonderful period of ones life, a window to the adult life, which is yet to come. Prom nights are the most looked forward to events in the life of high school girls and boys. With anticipation they wait for the date to be announced and then start flurry of activities getting ready for the prom night. You need a date of course to go with you but most important, you need the perfect prom dress to look the best.

Finding the right prom dress for the occasion is easy. Unlike earlier where your mother and aunts had to spend days sewing the dress, today specialized boutiques selling prom dresses are all over the town. Besides one can visit the malls to view the latest trends in prom dresses. For those who do not wish to go from shop to shop, there are online shops that offer you hundreds of varieties to choose from.

There is no need for you to worry or panic. There is plenty of time to choose the right dress that suits your style the best. First of all you need to figure out what style suits you the best?

You have multiple choices from being dressed like a princess or a seductress in a cocktail dress. You could perhaps choose a modern chic style or may be a Barbie party dress.

From amongst hundreds of designs and choices you need to select that which suits you the best. Once you know what style suits your temperament, rest is easy. One of the most important factors is what to wear under you dress so that you feel secure and can dance the night away. My niece picked out her undergarments at a lingerie and bra store in East Memphis. The ladies working there were very helpful when it came to matching the cut of the dress with the right bra. 

Shortlist few dresses. But before finalizing and buying the best one, it is better to check with your parents to see if the cost is acceptable and fits into their pocket. Once you have a fix on the cost and get the ok, go ahead and order right away.

Compared to boutiques and malls, you might find online shops are cheaper and cost effective. Many offer huge discounts and bargains, which might help you save some money too. What more you have grate affordable prices along with hundreds of wide variety to choose from.

The key to choosing your prom dress is not the price but your comfort and feeling of what is right for you. The dress you wear must compliment your personality and make you feel comfortable and beautiful, besides fitting well. Only then will you feel happy and enjoy yourself looking best.

What ever be the price or design, the hard stick to measure is to see how you feel wearing the dress. This is the only criterion that should be considered.

Makeup for prom and skin care.

Proper makeup application is more than lipstick and mascara. Clean skin is a good start. Wash your face with mild soap and water. Avoid using a washcloth or scrub as it will irritate your skin. I prefer to use Neutrogena

Your face would be naturally moisturized, but you still need to apply a light, oil-free coating of moisturizer for makeup to sit evenly. Now let your skin air dry before moving onto the makeup.

The Zit Hunt

Before applying makeup on your face, inspect your body for zits, especially the areas that are not covered by your dress. This might be your arms, shoulders, and upper back. A light coat of concealer, followed by a very light thin coat of neutral powder could be applied to cover up any zits. If a zit appears in an area, you couldn’t reach, ask for assistance. I would recommend to use a spot of clerasil .

The Makeup

Makeup can do wonders in small amounts. If good and clear skin is what you have, you can skip the foundation. You don’t need it. Remember to accentuate the positive. If people say that your eyes are beautiful, then you can emphasize it with makeup. But don’t overdo it!

Smudge on an eyeliner that is a few shades darker than your skin such as muted brown or grey. If you are very pale – avoid black liner, unless you are after the Goth princess look.

When applying powdered eye shadow, again, it is better to blend in several thin coats than to cake on the entire compact in one sweep. It’s going to last much longer and make you look much better. Just dab a light, shimmery color in the inside corner between your eye and the bridge of your nose, it’ll make your eyes sparkle. Apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara to seal the deal.

The rosy cheeks effect will be achieved with the application of blush. The same rules apply here-go easy on the application. An essential part of makeup is that no one should be able to tell that you have it on. Choose a color that is similar to your natural tone. While facing the mirror, smile until your cheeks stand out. Blush should be applied there.

Whether you have thin lips or ones that look like Angelina Jolie’s, a little gloss can go a long way. Plus, storing it in your purse is easier. Just sweep a coat of your favorite lip gloss and hide it in your purse for touchups later.

If your skin is oily, finish it off your makeup with a very thin coat of powder to set the works in place. Once again, don’t over do it otherwise it will come off on your gown or your date’s tux. Do a final check and you’re done!

check out this video for cute make up tips



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